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About us

Why did we start Green Bottle Shop?

After working at numerous breweries throughout our careers, we witnessed how much beautiful, beautiful beer went to waste. So we decided to help you put an end to the madness.  


How are you helping local businesses?

Through no fault of their own, breweries will often end up with too much stock. The pandemic is said to have cost the British beer industry £331m worth of sales, with thousands of people losing their jobs or businesses closing as a result. But you can make a difference. We snap breweries' spare beer up and sell it by the case or add it to our mixed cases, meaning you can support these local businesses when you buy our beer. 



What causes overstocks?

A whole long list of reasons, but the most common is when something unpredictable happens and customers just need less beer: the pandemic, pub renovations, supermarket closures, event delays and many more. Or, the brewery just wants to finish off the batch ASAP so they make space for more beer.



Why are these beers more affordable?

The brands we sell (as you'll see) are the same that you know and love. They are crafty, fresh, and damn tasty. However when a business has recognised it has too much beer, in anticipation of having to throw it out they sell it to us at a lower but fair price. They always have plenty of time until their best before dates so freshness is guaranteed. We pass these savings on to you so you can save your hard earned cash for, well, less important things than beer.



Why should you care about fighting food waste?

 A comprehensive study on how best to reverse global warming showed that fighting food waste can have an enormous impact on reducing global carbon emissions*. In fact, it could do more than switching to electric cars, planting more trees, and reducing air travel COMBINED. A pretty good reason to take your beer-drinking seriously.

(*for more fascinating facts, see Paul Hawken's "Drawdown The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reduce Global Warming")