Q:What are the crossed out prices below the beers?

A: This is the price that the brewery sells that particular beers for on their webshop so you can see how much you're saving.

Q:What are the little ratings next to the images of the beers?

A: These are their Untappd ratings. Untappd is a platform where beer drinkers rate beers. To give you a steer, 3.5/3.6 = good, 3.7/3.8 = very good, 3.9+ = extremely good! (please bear with us if these are slightly out, we update ratings each week).




Q:What are your delivery boxes made up of?

A: We use Pulpsafe packaging (so hot right now) made of recycled paper and water. It's recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.




Q:How can I order most efficiently?

A: If you're keen to be as sustainable as possible and not waste any packaging, ordering in 12s or 24s uses up all space in our delivery boxes and is the most efficient way to order.